Think of the Possibilities if You Had Access to Every Single Piece of Data?

TCW’s innovative software takes the work out of identifying risk in the many layers of data you gather. By instantly uploading and checking your documents against regulations, automating remedial action management and providing complete assurance we can help you ensure money is spent efficiently, minimising risk and ultimately saving lives.

Providing Unrivalled Insight For Over 1.7 Million Social Housing Properties

Compliance Disciplines
Time saved average per week
1 hrs
Documents analysed per week

What our clients say

Pinpoint Your
Asset Risks

Extensive compliance reporting to ensure regulatory adherence for your housing portfolio and supply chains.

Turn Information
into Insight

Unlocking and structuring your data to have a deeper understanding of your assets.

Demonstrate Value for Money

Automate actions and uncover efficiencies to reduce time spent and get the most from your budget.

What makes TCW a globally unique technology?

We go beyond reporting and monitoring. By accurately extracting all data from digital PDF documents and delivering it in not only a structured format but instantly validating calculations and checking against both industry and legislative standards our smart solution stands out from the crowd.