Understand The Data Behind Your Housing Documentation

We help housing providers like you gain a clearer picture of their infrastructure, enabling efficient management processes to regulatory and legislative standards with unrivalled data capabilities.

Providing the only version of truth which matters when data integrity is the topic of conversation.

Checked to Regulation
Time saved average per week
1 hr
Social housing properties supported

Instant Impact

TCW’s technology provides a faster, infallible way to audit against regulations, and can automatically assign remedial tasks without the need for a manual process.

Manage Your Compliance

Uncover details you didn’t realise you had to enhance your risk awareness and management. TCW’s unique ability to extract insight from your data and documentation provides granular detail into your supply chain.

Reduce Risk, Increase Assurance

Increase the longevity of your assets through detailed reporting on key information and improve obsolescence planning.

Trusted Technology used by Industry experts.

We are the trusted technology partner to industry experts CORGI Technical Services. Our revolutionary software has all of the technical detail and expertise embedded to support the top housing and compliance professionals conduct their work in the most efficient and effective way.

Driving Efficiencies in Social Housing

Listen to Peter McGowan, Managing Director of ECS discuss the impact of TCW on social housing clients and the electrical industry.

Learn how we Help to Ensure your Social Housing Stock Meets the Needs, and Standards of the Future

Speak to one of our product experts to see the full capabilities of TCW. 

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