Our Story

Fulfilling a Need

Our CEO Ryan Dempsey came up with the idea of TCW when in the post as Head of Assets & Compliance for one of the UK’s most prominent Local Authorities. Managing thousands of assets across multiple disciplines, Ryan had a very wide and diverse portfolio to manage. In order to fully achieve a better understanding of his portfolio and assets, Ryan wanted a more informed process for decision-making and where best to spend investment.

Ryan’s vision was to develop an evidence-based approach to decision-making and so he set out to build a tool that could support asset and compliance professionals, to efficiently take unstructured data and turn it into detailed meaningful insights.

Building the Vision

As momentum gathered around the concept of TCW, cofounders Ben and Ian joined Ryan to realise the requirement and vision. A combination of software development expertise and leadership in operations accelerated the idea to transform compliance and data management. The emphasis remained firmly on building a simple, efficient tool to monitor compliance data and manage risk, turning an inefficient approach into a fully automated solution.

TCW’s approach to the creation of this unique technology is recognised by some of the leading authorities in compliance and safety management including CORGI Technical Services, who lauded TCW as “the go-to platform for safety and assurance across all Compliance disciplines”.

The Present - Making Data Meaningful

Through the creation and development of TCW technology, the vision became a reality, and the ability to automatically read every piece of information from any digital document with complete assurance came to life.

We now support over 100 companies and analyse over 2.5 million documents annually. TCW is the number one leading platform in social housing and has successfully cemented its place across multiple sectors.

“To truly achieve a high level of assurance around our compliance obligations today, we have to accept that our tomorrow must include advancing technologies.

TCW’s ability to dig deep into the world of unstructured and hidden data places us at the forefront of corporate risk profiling with our clients. The decisions we make which have an impact on public safety should be as solid as the outcomes we desire.”  – Ryan Dempsey,  CEO of TCW

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