London Borough Hammersmith and Fulham wanted to eradicate human error when manually checking documents – it wasn’t until they saw the software in action that they could truly comprehend the benefits their organisation would gain, and the speed of the upload and analysis.

The Benefits

There are a numerous benefits we have gained using the software, the main ones that stand out for us are:

Tailored reports. As the reports are automated daily it enables us to filter issues we may have, and non-compliance is flagged straight to our inbox. Because non-compliant issues
are highlighted immediately, they can be investigated and resolved promptly, saving resource and therefore money.

The landlord’s dashboard is readily available at any time to show at a glance what percentage of our assets are compliant and non-compliant. We can then drill down into the information as and when required.

Our gas non-compliant documents dropped from 20% to 1%, which surpassed our expectations. We have also seen a large reduction in the use of manual gas certificates.

An additional benefit we have found extremely useful has been the insight into engineer inconsistencies enabling us to educate where needed and really tailor the toolbox talks around the incompetencies we know are relevant. This has enabled us to up-skill our engineers and solve issues rather than them being hidden within the data.

You really have to see it to believe it.
John Wilson
Gas Services Officer London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

What makes TCWIN so different?

We help organisations improve their asset knowledge, instantly providing a smart solution for proactive asset and compliance management which ultimately improves safety and ensuring money is spent in the right place simultaneously saving your organisation money.