Servicesoft has been in the UK housing sector for over 15 years ensuring that life-saving checks are captured and monitored in real-time. They are a fully automated work management system, trusted by social landlords & contractors alike. Servicesoft seamlessly integrates with TCW, to provide an end-to-end solution – from the engineer’s fingertips on-site to the validation of documents and sign off within the dashboard, saving time, resource and minimising risk.

The Benefits

The benefits we have gained from having the software integrate with ours have ensured our clients receive a seamless end-to-end solution for compliance management. It has provided assurance to our clients and an increased efficiency enabling them to divert resource, cut costs and manage risk, thereby enhancing our offering.

For many of our social landlord clients, the fact our two software offerings work hand-in-hand has provided them with complete transparency and real-time compliance. They have found that documents contained errors they would not have been able to find via their traditional sample checking route.

They find working in real-time results in a quicker turn around of issues for their clients as the delays they used to face in getting access to their data are now banished. Clients have also found the additional data the software provides enables them to extract asset performance information so that they can take an informed approach to their lifecycle planning.

For our contractor clients, the software integration has provided internal benefits giving full control over document verification on their huge volumes of documents. However, it has also resulted in commercial benefits, including a competitive edge with clients, and for TSG was a contributing factor to their Heating & Ventilation Award win.

Both landlord and contractor clients have also seen positive advantages of the software integration when it came to their audits. It simplified the process enabling the auditor to quickly and easily delve into any property showing transparency of working and assurance they were doing everything they could to mitigate risk.

“The software is a fantastic addition to our solution and is of great benefit to all our clients. The seamless link is saving hours of supervisory checking time, guaranteeing document compliance and enhancing client confidence.”
David Riley
Managing Director, Servicesoft

What makes TCWIN so different?

We help organisations improve their asset knowledge, instantly providing a smart solution for proactive asset and compliance management which ultimately improves safety and ensuring money is spent in the right place simultaneously saving your organisation money.