settle wanted to go beyond sample checking a small percentage of documents, they wanted to know the real-time status of each and every asset to reduce risks and costs. But they also wanted to ensure a new system would integrate successfully. See how they have utilised our integrated service with Servicesoft successfully.

The Benefits

The advantage of the integration with Servicesoft is that it provides us with one compliance system, one login and one dashboard. This has made a huge difference to utilisation within the organisation.

When we first started to use the integrated systems and uploaded our documents we found that a high percentage contained errors, which we simply would not have found using our manual sampling method of checking.

Significantly reducing administration resource by eliminating the manual checking of documents and processing of jobs has enabled us to divert resources to the evolving demands of other compliance activities.

Servicesoft and TCW provide transparency between us and our partner contractors, keeping data and performance information in sync. There are no delays in getting the documents and data, and issues are resolved quickly. We have full sight of validated and queuing certificates with the ability to drill down into the history of any failures to see what was done to rectify it.

We now have assurance that all loaded documents are valid and compliant. We can also take advantage of the extra data collected within TCW to derive further insight into asset performance.

Following a recent audit, using both software platforms simplified the auditing process.

We could quickly and easily delve into any property the auditor wanted to look at, showing a transparency of working and assurance that we were doing everything we could to mitigate risk.

“We can now derive insight from the analysis of data we simply didn’t have access to before. It was impossible to see trends and inconsistencies, which can now be used to inform decision making and lifecycle planning.”
Amanda Kazer
Consultant systems & performance analyst, settle

What makes TCWIN so different?

We help organisations improve their asset knowledge, instantly providing a smart solution for proactive asset and compliance management which ultimately improves safety and ensuring money is spent in the right place simultaneously saving your organisation money.