TSG, as a contractor, deal with huge volumes of documents and therefore wanted to gain full control over document verification. For them, our software integration with Servicesoft provided both internal and commercial benefits, including a competitive edge with clients … and was a contributing factor to their H&V award win!

The Benefits

Commercial benefits:

  • Gives us a competitive edge in the tender process.
  • It adds to our own USPs giving clients peace of mind and assurance they need.
  • It gives us further level exposure in terms of asset detail.
  • No issues with invoicing due to the transparency and real-time information, therefore, we get paid quicker.
  • It is resulting in fewer return visits. ‘Right first-time’ results in cost savings.
  • The innovation of the integrated systems we believe was a contributing factor to our H&V award win for Domestic Heating Contractor of the Year 2018.

Internal benefits:

  • The system is thorough, checking 100% of documents and in real-time.
  • Saved admin intensive workloads enabling resource to be utilised in other areas. This time saving reduced 2 hrs per day per team member to 15 minutes, resulting in a financial saving for our organisation.
  • Assurance if there was to ever be a dispute the information is there at the touch of a button.
  • Performance management, picking up training issues but also spotting trends so that we can ascertain if it is an issue with engineers or if it is a glitch within our own systems we need to solve.
  • Enabling us to improve our toolbox talks and calls – engineers know they can’t get away with lazy workmanship as we will see issues straight away. Mistakes, and not filling out the documents correctly, are starting to decrease as our engineers are educated and discussions are taking place. We are able to see the calculations giving that transparency.
  • It is helping us to cleanse our data.
  • Great tool to simplify the auditing process – We can now be proactive and are able to easily audit ourselves each year. When we next have an audit with Gas Safe we are confident it will be much easier as we can show properties and all related documents at a touch of a button, instead of manually sifting through paperwork.
“The integration of the two software platforms has allowed us to become rigid and coordinated with our approach. Improving our own ways of working, giving us a commercial validity and efficiency gain.”
Wayne Gill
Operations Manager – Mechanical, TSG Building Services

What makes TCWIN so different?

We help organisations improve their asset knowledge, instantly providing a smart solution for proactive asset and compliance management which ultimately improves safety and ensuring money is spent in the right place simultaneously saving your organisation money.