Your Housing Group didn’t just need a system to receive and save documents, they wanted MORE to ensure that they would be fit for the future. They wanted a system that would replace manual handling of documents while providing smart, forensic interrogation of LGSRs, with the ability to report on the findings. They wanted a truly innovative system… and nearly 3 years later they are still astounded by our software:

The Benefits

To be honest, since implementation, back in January 2016, I often wonder how we managed without it. At the time, we had four full-time members of staff whose roles were to visually check LGSRs as they came into the business. As with any human interaction, there was a possibility of human error. The software has provided great assurance that every document received is processed using the same logical, forensic check, and we’ve been able to redirect team resources to other important tasks.

Working with our own ICT team we now have a better understanding of how to manage the outputs to underpin the full end-to-end process of receiving and processing LGSR data. We can now extract, report and upload data in bulk, saving countless hours of administration and laborious unproductive repetitive tasks.

Each member of the Gas Team has a login, allowing them to use the system to support contract management as well as the management of issuing work resulting from the RAG rating checks.

An unexpected benefit was the ability to target quality audits in such a way that they are now meaningful. Gone are the days of a blanket 10% quality audit on LGSRs. Now we can
work with our auditors to target specific heating suppliers/operatives as we can clearly see the critical areas in which they are failing.

“I often wonder how we managed without the software. It has proven that the process of manually checking LGSRs is no longer efficient, effective or reliable to provide you with total assurance that you have checked, scrutinised and actioned as necessary each and every LGSR you have received.”
Lee Woods
Head of Asset Compliance, Your Housing

What makes TCWIN so different?

We help organisations improve their asset knowledge, instantly providing a smart solution for proactive asset and compliance management which ultimately improves safety and ensuring money is spent in the right place simultaneously saving your organisation money.