Igniting Insights at the NHMF Fire Safety Event

Igniting Insights at the NHMF Fire Safety Event

TCW had a fantastic day in Exeter at the National Housing Maintenance Forum Fire Safety event. With engaging presentations and a vibrant audience, the day was filled with valuable discussion and insights that promise to shape the future of Fire Safety in the housing sector. 

Our very own CEO, Ryan Dempsey, had the honour of being one of the speakers for the day. His presentation aimed to provoke thoughts and inspire action among the attendees. By sharing his expertise, experiences and real life examples, Ryan contributed to the growing conversation on fire safety and its critical importance in the housing industry. 

The success of the event was not by chance; it was meticulously organised by Stephanie Lloyd-Foxe and her dedicated team, who deserve kudos for their outstanding efforts in orchestrating and event that brought together professionals, experts and stakeholders to address pressing issues in fire safety. 

We extend our appreciation to all those who participated, shared their expertise, and contributed to the success of the event. As a sponsor, TCW is proud to have played a role in facilitating these vital conversations and actions in the realm of fire safety. 

TCW looks forward to future events and initiatives that continue to drive progress and innovation in the housing and fire safety sectors. 

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