Meaningful Data Collection Saves Lives

Meaningful Data Collection Saves Lives

After an urgent safety warning was issued earlier this week regarding several gas cookers sold around the UK with potentially deadly carbon monoxide dangers, TCW outlines how it is using data to help prevent harm befalling any more owners.

A recent inquest heard that five people had died after using certain gas cookers, with another 13 deaths linked and fears that large numbers are still in use.

Upon finding out the serial numbers, TCW ran a report on the data stored within its software and identified 1,153 addresses in the UK with similar or exact serial numbers.

All clients were notified to ensure appliances at these addresses could be checked.

Ryan Dempsey, CEO of the TCW, commented:
“The amount of data we have sat behind closed doors its incredible, and it’s our moral duty to ensure access for our clients when risk presents itself. As soon as we had the serial numbers it took minutes to export the list of 1,153 addresses.”

TCW began with a pain-point within Social Housing, an idea to a real-life problem, a thought that there just had to be another way.

Utilising all data continued in compliance certificates and increasing visibility of stock and quality through a searchable database provides duty holders assurance that they are minimising risk and maximising safety.

Ryan added: “Certificates are not filled out for fun- data integrity and meaningful data collection increases safety. We have a responsibility to our clients, and their tenants, to ensure we do the best we can go beyond just a tick in the ‘compliance box’.”

As we head into a new year, with the most significant and fundamental changes to building safety legislation in decades must come new ways of working, improving workflow to achieve the targets set and improve safety. We must utilise innovative technology changing behaviour and mindset.

“We have a responsibility to our clients and their tenants to ensure we do the best we can and go beyond just a tick in the compliance box”

TCW is an innovative technology company that has developed a unique solution to a very real problem within asset management for a number of sectors.

Primarily operating within social housing, TCW has enabled duty holders to gain assurance that their compliance documents have been analysed, stored, and checked to regulatory obligations.

With the variety of different certification software providers out there. TCW is able to analyse any PDF format.

Going above and beyond the industry standard of a small percentage check, TCW enables 100% of data within 100% of documents to be checked and analysed, highlighting safety issues that can only be ascertained after performing calculations and aggregations of various data fields.

The existence of a document does not indicate the safety of the installation.

TCW gives not only compliance but assurance to its client to enable increases in safety standards.