NIFHA 2023

NIFHA 2023

This week, the #TCWteam embarked on an exciting journey to Northern Ireland for the Northern Ireland Federation of Housing Association event 2023. This event presented a unique opportunity to engage with industry leaders, share insights, and explore the transformative potential of data in the housing sector. 

Our CEO, Ryan Dempsey, graced the event as one of the guest speakers, adding an extra layer of expertise to the discussions. His session delved into the world of data, truth, analytics and the importance of thinking outside the box. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Ryan left the audience inspired and informed, highlighting the critical role that data plays in the modern housing landscape. 

The NIHFA event was a testament to the housing sectors’ evolution, and TCW is proud to be a part of it. We look forward to more opportunities to collaborate, learn and drive innovation in the housing sector. 

Be sure to follow us on our journey as continue to redefine the future of housing with data-driven solutions. 

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