TCW: Revolutionising Property Safety Compliance

TCW: Revolutionising Property Safety Compliance

In today’s dynamic technological landscape, innovation is not just a buzzword; it’s a necessity. Especially when it comes to ensuring the safety and well-being of communities, embracing cutting-edge solutions becomes paramount. This is where TCW, an innovative software company, steps in, offering a game-changing approach to property safety compliance for housing associations.

Over the years there have been multiple occasions where safety issues and regulatory changes have arisen and TCW has been able to position its clients in a proactive, data-informed way empowering them to react fast!

One example of this was a report of an inquest which heard that five people had died after using certain models of gas cookers, with another 13 deaths linked and fears that large numbers were still in use. Upon finding out the serial numbers, TCW ran a report on the data stored within its software and identified 1,153 addresses in the UK with similar or exact serial numbers. All clients were notified to ensure appliances at these addresses could be checked and tenants informed.

Concerns raised by manufacturers regarding certain models of appliances such as the example above have highlighted the critical need for swift and effective identification of affected assets within property portfolios. Having insight from data collected in certificates and documents assists landlords in identifying and protecting against potential risks and hazards to health and safety from any deficiencies identified in dwellings in accordance with the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) Guidance.

TCW’s state-of-the-art technology swiftly identifies properties housing the affected appliances, providing clients with a comprehensive list of addresses. But TCW doesn’t stop there; it goes a step further by offering a detailed heat map, illustrating the nationwide distribution of the issue.

Ian Woolsey, TCW’s Chief Operating Officer comments:

What sets TCW apart is its unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. With a database comprising over 64,000 customer accounts and appliance details, TCW employs advanced algorithms to pinpoint affected properties with precision. This not only saves valuable time but also ensures that no property slips through the cracks when it comes to safety compliance.

Moreover, TCW’s capabilities extend beyond mere identification. By delving deeper into customer documents and defect interpretations, TCW empowers its clients with comprehensive insights, enabling informed decision-making and proactive maintenance strategies. This level of detail is accessible through TCW’s user-friendly reporting section, providing housing associations with actionable intelligence at their fingertips.

The significance of TCW’s contribution cannot be overstated, particularly in ensuring the safety of residents and properties. By streamlining the process of identifying and addressing safety concerns, TCW enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of property management operations. Housing associations and Local Authorities can rest assured knowing that TCW’s cutting-edge solution is at their disposal, safeguarding communities against potential hazards.

In conclusion, TCW stands as a shining example of innovation driving positive change in the realm of property safety compliance. As the industry grapples with evolving challenges, TCW remains steadfast in its commitment to revolutionising safety practices, one property at a time. With TCW by their side, housing associations are secure in the knowledge their data is analysed and checked providing valuable insight enabling them to navigate safety concerns with confidence.

Meaningful data collection saves lives.

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