TCW starts 2024 strong!

TCW starts 2024 strong!

January is commonly considered a challenging or “blue” month, but for us, it has brought a notably positive experience. 

TCW and Corgi Technical Services are scaling up rapidly with the signing of seven new clients adding to the 1.7 million properties that go through TCW software, new clients include – Brighton Council, YMCA, Group Cynefin, Almond Housing, Your Homes Newcastle, Loreburn Housing & Babergh & Mid Suffolk Council.

Since 2016, TCW and CORGI Technical Services have nurtured a collaborative relationship that continues to flourish each passing year. The synergy between our organisations, coupled with industry-leading service offerings, positions us as leaders in compliance solutions. It’s clear that the collaborative efforts of TCW and CTS are steering us towards a successful and promising future. We’re proud of the milestones achieved and look forward to further growth and shared successes in the years to come.

Matt Stephenson – Head of Business Growth, TCW said:

“It’s fantastic that TCW continues to grow exponentially and go from strength to strength, We would like to welcome all of our new clients, which will ultimately give them access and insights to all of their data like never before. Using TCW will provide a complete assurance safety net, enabling them to make more uniformed decisions across their asset stock. 

I’m pleased that organisations are starting to go through a proper due diligence process when choosing a supplier, and with TCW are able to evidence undoubtably a compliance audit trail of risk and data to the regulator. It’s of paramount importance that organisations understands what they are buying and what they want to achieve when procuring new software. It’s such a tricky area to define  and scope due to interpretation. TCW’s out-of-the-box solution showcases this in any live demo and enforces the trust and credibility of our product right from the get go.”

Sam Browne – Client Support Director, CORGI Technical Services, also said:

“With over 50 years of industry expertise in safety and compliance, CORGI Technical Services provides outstanding support and guidance to the social housing and facilities management sectors.

 Collaborating closely with social housing landlords, government entities, large scale facilities management and industry experts, CORGI plays a crucial role in driving compliance and safety standards across the UK.

Our commitment lies in providing best in class solutions coupled with exceptional customer service, all customised to cater to the specific requirements of our clients. We remain dedicated to exploring innovative avenues to enhance the services we offer, we monitor and influence industry trends, regulations, and advancements.

We have a strong, long-standing relationship with TCW, acknowledging them as the leading software platform for Safety and Assurance across all compliance areas.”

As we celebrate the addition of new clients and reflect on past achievements, the future holds endless possibilities. With a shared vision of driving compliance standards to new heights and empowering organisations with unparalleled insights and support, TCW and Corgi Technical Services are ready to write the next chapter of their success story. As we march forward, we do so with confidence, knowing that our combined expertise, passion, and commitment will continue to drive positive change and make a lasting difference in the lives of our clients and communities alike.