The Big 6 and more…

The Big 6 and more…

Over the past 12, highly unusual months, and one of the hardest times in UK economic history, TCW has rebranded, expanded the team, won several awards and is now excited to launch not only new compliance disciplines but an updated look to the software with our new User Interface (UI)… and a new website to boot!

TCW, and white labelled product CDMS, have provided clients with unrivalled in Gas LGSRs and Electrical Certificates and Reports, ingesting on average 25,000 documents each week. This lead to the inevitable question:

“Can you do this for all the compliance disciplines?”

The Answer, “YES!”

We now cover the Big 6 compliance disciplines, and more, in the same way, we can manage any other legal obligations you have.

Ben ford, CTO TCW commented: “The rebuild-better decision is never one taken lightly but in this case rendered some absolutely brilliant improvements for us across the board. The ubiquity of apps and devices in our everyday lives means users detect a poor user experience instantly. TCW’s new sleek User Interface (UI) and new features not only improve performance but also ease of use for our clients.

Im proud of the team and excited for the next advances to our solution”

So, when we say more than the Big 6, we mean more! This included Smoke and Fire Management, Emergency Lighting, PAT, Invoicing, DDA Documents… the list goes on. TCW can be applied to anything and results can be gleaned in minutes!

Ryan Dempsey, CEO added: “Ive always been hesitant to move TCW into other areas because we’ve really cemented a position with our current offering. I was worried that we wouldn’t provide the level of insight across other areas in the same way we excel in Gas and Electrical.

However, due to an amazing teamwork and endless days and nights looking at the other compliance areas, Team TCW has managed to mirror the incredible insights on all areas meaning clients can now benefit from technology that makes Corporate Risk Profiling easy.”