Together for Safety

Together for Safety

It is National Social Housing Safety and Compliance Week, and TCW are huge supporters. 

National Housing Safety and Compliance week is an annual observance dedicated to promoting awareness and adherence to safety standards in residential buildings across the nation. Now in its third year, this week-long initiative brings together government agencies, housing professionals, community organisations, and the public to emphasise the important of maintain safe and compliant living spaces. 

By promoting a comprehensive approach to housing safety and compliance, this annual observance seeks to create a lasting impact on the way individuals, communities and regulatory bodies approach the well being of residents and the integrity of the housing infrastructure. Through education, awareness, and community engagement, National Housing Safety and Compliance Week strives to make homes across the nation safer, more sustainable, and accessible for all.

To find out more about #TogetherforSafety, download resources and book events here.

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